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For those who didn't get their email for their website account, use this link. Thanks.

Also, when you make your account, make sure you remember to check your email and verify once your app is accepted so you become a member of the site. Thanks everyone!

Rules of the Guild:
1: Don't be a Drama Llama who supported Obama before he killed Osama.
2: Be active in Guild-Chat, on the guild site, attend guild meetings & events.
3: Be Kind & Courteous to other members of the family.

~~~We are the few, the strange, the OddBlock.~~~

Welcome to OddBlock! Make sure Mumbles the Penguin doesn't tickle you with his feather-duster of Dirty Dances! ...Seriously, he doesn't pay child support.

OddBlock Motto & Battlecry:
We Are OddBlock!
Hear Us Kwee!!

How To get and connect connect to the Oddblock TeamSpeak3 Servers. We worked very hard and long on these videos. So please, take them into consideration.